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Subject: Big Canon 2010  
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Big Canon 2010

Another great!! trip to Big Canon for 2010.  Had some rain, and the beginnings of the mayfly hatch.  Still fishing was excellent everywhere.  The portage lakes were especially turned on.  The portages were a little tougher due to the rain, but the bigger fish were caught and released on those lakes.  Big walleyes for the week were 28", 26",(2 on back to back casts), 4@24"  and plenty of 18"-23".  100+ fish catch days were not unusal.   Big Pike were caught when targeted, as well as when fishing for the walleyes.  38", 36" 2@ 35" and others in the 30"+ range.  Smallies were just coming off the beds and hit everything.  Rock ledges, weeds, timber-all productive.  Top water guys had a great trip.  Lots of numbers and a few 3.5-4 lbs.  Early spring put the lake trout in deeper holes, but they congregated and were easily targeted.  In short, something for everyone in our group, plus good perch numbers for that take home fish fry.  The camp is well staffed, cabins clean, and the meals were off the chart.  Homemade bread, desserts, cookies.  And the smoker worked overtime. Steak, chops, filets, chicken, prime rib, etc.  Chicago restaurant quality-even better when eaten in the northwoods.  Just a great trip.  Back again next year for our 12th trip.
6-23-2010 11:04#1
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