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Subject: About Baits, Uploading Pictures and Avatars !!  
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About Baits, Uploading Pictures and Avatars !!

Levels and Baits

In the Canada Fever Fishing/Hunting Chat Forum a member has to have a certain amount of credit (Bait) in order for him/her to access some forum services. (For example, attach pictures in the post, use an avatar, etc)

You can find out about your title and the amount of bait you have in many places.
See the example below which will appear on the left side of of each post.

You can earn Baits by posting new topics, replying to topics or by your posts being rated by other members. We have three types of Bait units available: Leeches, Crawlers and Minnows (2 Leeches equal 1 Crawler, 2 Crawlers equal 1 Minnow). You get one minnow by posting one topic or reply. If your topic has been rated by the Forum Moderators or Administrator and becomes an "Excellent Post" you will be rewarded with 5 extra Minnows. Starting from "Fisherman" status, members can also rate each other's posts with Leeches, Crawlers and Minnows. You will move up levels as you collect more Baits.

Here is a table showing the current levels and number of minnows needed to reach each level.
Titles (levels)      Minnows Required Posting Limit
Novice 1 New topic will be moderated
Fisherman 5 Unlimited
Guide 100 Unlimited
Master Angler 300 Unlimited
Angling Legend 700 Unlimited

How do I post pictures?

To be able to post pictures, you have to at least become a Fisherman. (See “Levels and Baits”)
Here is a table showing the level and corresponding picture upload limit

Titles (levels) Picture Upload Limit Total Upload Limit Per Day
Novice 0kb 0kb
Fisherman 30kb 60kb
Guide 50kb 150kb
Master Angler 100kb 300kb
Angling Legend 100kb 500kb

You can start a New Topic or Reply to existing topics to post a picture.
NOTE: You cannot upload a picture in the fast reply mode, you have to use the reply window in order for the attach picture option to show up.

In the Post New Topic or Reply window you will see the “Uploading New Pictures” box.
Here is where you can upload pictures. You can type in the Description for your picture if you want.


How to get your own Avatar?

What is an Avatar? Avatar is a graphical image of a user. It is displayed at the left side under member’s username.
See the Picture Below:

To start using an Avatar, you have to at least become a Fisherman. (See “Levels and Baits”)
Here is a table showing the level you need to access different Avatar options

Titles (levels) Available Avatar Options
Novice can not use avatar
Fisherman can select forum provided avatars
Guide can use picture link from another web space
Master Angler can upload your own avatars
Angling Legend can upload your own avatars

Once you are allowed to upload your own avatar, you can do so in your
Member’s Control Panel --- Edit Profile

The maximum size for upload avatar is 20kb, and must be less than 180 pixel wide.

--- Frank ---
6-14-2006 16:37#1
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