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Subject: The Last Resort - Chapter 07  
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The Last Resort - Chapter 07

I had asked Arthur one day while we were in Godilamin, England, if Hudson was as large as Godilamin.

He said:” Well, not quite.”  The population at that time was 11,400 and Hudson’s was about 600.

H did tell me however, that there weren’t any sidewalks, theaters or shows so I knew what to expect.

I got to know Sam and Mary Oakley really well.  They went out of their way to do things for us and they helped us in so many ways.
I met Bill and Beulah Oakley and Bill’s brother Ben.  The three brothers lived very close to one another.  Ben was expecting his wife from England in September so I was anxious to meet her.

I wasn’t as happy as I thought I was going to be in our little home.
For one thing, I could not understand Arthur.  His ways were so different from mine.  It was  a good thing that I had made some good friends so I had places to go otherwise I would have ben very lonely.

In september, Gladys and Rita came and I think it was around that time that Gertrude and George Foster came to Hudson with their little girl Trudie. Gertrude was also a war bride but spent some time in Winnipeg before coming to Hudson.
Gladys and I got to know each other very well and we would share many a laugh and tear together.  Gladys used to have to pass my house every time she went uptown so she would call in and have coffee with me and then we would go for walks in the afternoons.

I was expecting my baby in November so I had to have a doctor.  Of course, the doctors and the hospital were in Sioux Lookout so we had to hire a taxi to go to the doctor.  The doctor that I saw told me that I had a hernia and I should get it repaired after the baby was born.  The doctor asked me what part of England I was from and I told him Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
He looked so surprised and said: “Then you must know

I said: “Know it, my two sisters and I worked there!”
The doctor said that he and his men were stationed in the manor house in Groombridge. I told the doctor that for our part in the war effort, we offered to darn the soldiers socks.  What a mistake that was.  We had sacks and sacks of socks and in some one could put their feet in both ends.

The doctor laughed and said: “Maybe I wore some of those socks.”
I told him that if he found a little note in them, then those were the ones that I had darned.  We really had a lovely visit and I told the doctor that there were seven hundred and fifty war brides on the ship that I came over on and if everyone had a baby, it certainly would bring the population of Canada up.

The doctor said: “I am relying on every bride having three babies.”
I looked at him and said: “Well, you can count me out.  I wont be coming back after my baby is born.  At least not to have another baby!”

Lillian and Eddie were going to be married in November and we were looking forward to going to their wedding.  That of course would depend on my baby.  Arthur’s mother said that she would come and take care of Arthur and Richard while I was in the hospital so that was a relief.

My baby decided to come on the 19th of November.  Arthur rushed me to the hospital and quickly deposited me inside the door and then he took off.  He never waited to see if I was going to be all right or what the baby would be.  he hated hospitals.
When I saw the steep stairs that I had to climb, I said to Ann, the nurse: “I’ll never be able to climb those stairs.”

Ann said: “Oh, yes you will.  I’ll help you.”
When I got to the top, I heard Ann say: “There goes the baby.”
Sure enough, the baby was born on the top of the stairs.
Boy, what a commotion that was.  Nurses everywhere! Ann was always reminded me that that little episode caused her to have her first grey hair.  Anyway, it gave them a little excitement for awhile.

I had told my Richard that I was going to bring him back either a little brother or sister to play with when I cam back from the hospital.  I knew he was a lonely little boy and wanted someone to play with.  It was a very excited little boy that met me at the door but when he saw the little bundle in my arms, he didn’t look very happy and even less so when I took her out of her blankets and he saw how tiny she was.  I am sure he was thinking: “How can I play with much a tiny little thing?”

After we had supper which Arthur’s mother had prepared, I told Richard that he could help me bathe the baby.  He could bring me the powder, oil and soap.  When he saw the baby naked, he looked and looked and said to me: “What  funny little thing!” When the baby started to cry he said to me: “Mommy will you take her back and change her for a truck?”  Guess he wasn’t too thrilled with his baby sister.

Arthur’s mother said she would stay for another week which would be a great help to me.  She was a very religious woman who always went to church.  Her Bible was her companion.  She was also a very quiet and calm person who never raised her voice at all.  I have found that many of the Indian people are like that.  I don’t know what she must have thought about Arthur and I arguing like we did.

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