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Subject: Northwood Outposts [Print This Page]

Author: TheFishReporter    Time: 7-4-2008 11:16     Subject: Northwood Outposts

Great fishing is what you’ll get at Northwood Outposts located on Wapesi Lake. The walleye and northern are biting all day long! The walleye are caught on jigs and minnows while the northern are caught with spoons. The walleye are found in reefs and in about 10 ft of water. the northern are found in shallow water. The biggest walleye caught this week was 32” while the biggest northern was 40”! For great fishing check out Northwood Outposts at [url][/url]
Author: winchester    Time: 9-27-2008 06:50     Subject: october3rd

WE are heading up the week of the 3rd,I am hoping to find some big walleye any tips ,Where do these fish spawn in spring and where do they stage in fall before winter,Does any one know when the lake turns over?We have done real well this week in past years on lac seul in the Chamberlin narrows area for the big girls,Any Tips ?Thanks much Tom

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