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Subject: White Otter Castle [Print This Page]

Author: fisherlady    Time: 1-16-2008 14:33     Subject: White Otter Castle

Hello Everyone,

My family, who has lived in the area for many years, has decided that it is time to get out and explore some of the attractions.  This year we have picked White Otter Castle and are wondering how to get a map with directions.  We are planning to go in the summer.  Can anyone help with this?  
Author: TackleBox    Time: 8-29-2014 11:07

I would recommend googling the location! You can always ask one of our outfitters that are on the lake, and they can provide you with more answers. Good luck!
Author: kayaknut    Time: 10-1-2015 14:00

White Otter is one of the most beautiful lakes I ever seen and the castle is amazing!

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