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Subject: The Last Resort - Chapter 04 [Print This Page]

Author: admin    Time: 3-29-2007 16:12     Subject: The Last Resort - Chapter 04

The “Francona” sailed in the evening and you have no idea how lovely it was.  We just glided along.  We sat in deck chairs and watched all the seagulls flying around and thought how lovely everything was.  The stewards came and brought us cups of bouillon, fancy crackers, tea, coffee and all sorts of dainty cakes.  My word, I thought I was in heaven.  I could live like this forever, or so I thought.  Sometime during the night I felt the ship lurch and so did the other girls.  I don’t know what they thought but I immediately thought of the “Titanic.” “Oh, my goodness, we’ve hit an iceberg.” But how can we hit an iceberg in July? We got out of bed and staggered, literally staggered to the door.  There we saw the nurses calming some of the girls.  We had hit the Irish Sea.  I never went into the dining room again for four days.  I was so seasick and so was my poor little Richard.  The nurse said that I would feel much better if I sat up on deck so in the afternoon I did go up to the top deck with Richard.  I had made friends with several of the girls including the one whose carton I snatched.  Her name was Peggy Kelly.  She was going to a place called Campbellford in Ontario.  I was going to Ontario too so we greed that we would meet every weekend.  One weekend at her place and one weekend at mine.  What a lot we had to learn!

Peggy was sitting on deck when I got there.  She too had been sick along with her little girl.  It was lovely on the boat but I could hardly wait to get my feet on solid ground again.  The ship’s doctor and captain were standing by the rails and I could see that they were talking about my little Richard.  They noticed m looking at them and said to me: “Is that your little boy, Ma’am? They said: ”He is going to be a very clever man if he is brought up properly.” I felt very proud of that especially since lots of the other girls heard what was said.  I was sure that Richard would be brought up properly.

How very happy and excited we were when we finally reached Halifax.  At last our feet were on solid ground! Halifax was a beautiful place.  I’ll never forget the gleaming white buildings, the blue blue sky and water.  I knew I was going to like Canada but do you know, there were some of the girls that wouldn’t even get off the boat.  They wanted to go right back to England without even giving Canada a chance.  I don’t know whatever happened to them.
I, myself was so busy getting our things and Richard ready to leave the ship that I didn’t have a chance to find out.  What a commotion it was.  We all had to be tagged and had to sign papers.  That took all morning.  
I’ll never forget the nice steward we had.  The lock had been broken on my suitcase and he went and bought me a strap for my case.  I was so grateful to him as I never would have managed without him.

After we were all tagged, we were all herded into this large building which I thought we were never coming out of.  Of course we eventually did and were led to this tremendous great big train.  We just stood and stared and stared.  Our English trains were so small and compact but this huge train was unbelievable nd didn’t seem to have an end to it.  Some of the war brides would be going to different parts of Canada so we had to say goodbye to them.  Peggy and I renewed our promise to meet each other every weekend.  What a lot we had to learn! It was twenty-five years later that Peggy and I met again.

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