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Subject: How old were you [Print This Page]

Author: TackleBox    Time: 5-27-2014 15:41     Subject: How old were you

How old were you when you caught your first fish?
Author: fisherlady    Time: 7-31-2014 14:06

I was 8. I got a new fishing rod for my birthday and I was so excited to try it out. I used it off the dock and caught a small perch!
Author: ILikePike    Time: 8-1-2014 11:25

Very great story fisherlady! I don't remember my first fish but I do remember my first trophy Walleye! I caught it out Pickle Lake when I was 22.
Author: BigBadBob    Time: 8-6-2014 11:10

It's great to hear everyones stories about catching their fish
Author: kayaknut    Time: 8-8-2014 14:44

I was 7! it was so exciting, I remember it like it was yesterday!
Author: BigBadBob    Time: 8-11-2014 14:57

I was actually about 20! I had never fished before. It was great though
Author: CaptainHook    Time: 8-12-2014 11:54

Great story Big Bad Bob!! It's never too late to start
Author: CanadianGirl    Time: 8-14-2014 10:36

Thanks for sharing everyone
Author: TackleBox    Time: 8-18-2014 13:49

Cool stories guys! Great to hear
Author: kayaknut    Time: 8-19-2014 13:25

Yes Tacklebox I agree
Author: fisherlady    Time: 8-28-2014 13:40

Kayaknut, whats your story?

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