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Subject: What fish are you looking forward [Print This Page]

Author: crazy4fishin    Time: 5-27-2014 15:06     Subject: What fish are you looking forward

what fish are you looking forward to catching? I'm looking forward to delicious walleye!
Author: kayaknut    Time: 7-31-2014 14:11

I have never caught a muskie but I'm hoping this year will be the year!
Author: ILikePike    Time: 8-1-2014 13:23

Good luck kayaknut! I heard they are some of the most exciting fish to catch
Author: OutdoorJack    Time: 8-6-2014 11:01

I would say pike! They are great
Author: kayaknut    Time: 8-8-2014 14:44

I love walleye for the taste
Author: CanadianGirl    Time: 8-11-2014 14:29

I am looking forward to catching bass!
Author: BigBadBob    Time: 8-12-2014 11:35

Bass are very fun to catch
Author: crazy4fishin    Time: 8-14-2014 14:44

I like to catch walleye mostly.
Author: CanadianGirl    Time: 8-18-2014 14:15

walleye are great to eat crazy4fishin
Author: kayaknut    Time: 8-19-2014 13:11

Yes! Catching perch can be fun though too.
Author: OutdoorJack    Time: 8-28-2014 15:00

I agree kayak nut! perch are the best

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