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Subject: The Last Resort - Chapter 09  
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The Last Resort - Chapter 09

One day in January, I was busy baking bisquicks for lunch when I heard this very funny noise in the attic.  I was half afraid to get on the table and open the attic door.  When I did, my heart stood still.  The attic was on fire!

I literally fell off the table and ran outside

I shouted: “Help! Help!”

There wasn’t a soul in sight.  I ran back into the house and grabbed the baby, pushing little Richard in front of me.  I told him to run to Mary’s house.  He was frightened as I was.

We raced up to Mary’s house and I shouted: “My house is on fire!”

We both rushed back to the house.  Mary opened the attic door and shouted for me to give her the pail of water which we threw on the fire.  I used all the water in the barrel and then a miracle took place.  Firemen came in and quickly put the fire out.  I looked out the window and saw Arthur sauntering down the road as if nothing was happening.  I was so mad and told him that he could have rushed home to see if we were safe and sound.  He said that he had asked someone where the fire was.  When he learned that it was his house but the firemen were there, he didn’t bother to rush home.  I thought that was so strange that he never rushed home like a father should.  I was still shaking and I know that if it hadn’t been for Mary, my house would have gone up in flames.

The fire chief told Arthur that the house was a fire trap and that he had to have a Selkirk chimney and another exit in the house.  I told Arthur that I didn’t come over here to be burnt to death and I wasn’t going to live in that house until he had got a Selkirk chimney.  I packed up and went up to Miss Irvings and stayed in her rooming house.  I knew Arthur wouldn’t be long in getting a Selkirk chimney as he couldn’t afford board money. Even when he had the chimney installed, I was still nervous and could still hear that crackling.  it was a long time before I could go to sleep peacefully in that house.

Sam came down to see us and told Arthur that he and Glen would help him build a kitchen.  I was thrilled to death but Arthur didn’t seem that happy.  He said that he would have to borrow the money to buy the lumber.  Of course, I hadn’t thought of that and I honestly didn’t care as long as I got a kitchen.  In April, the lumber was delivered and Sam and Glen spent every spare moment they had working on my kitchen.  They said that if the weather  kept nice, they should have my kitchen done by the end of May.  I was so excited and kept t running outside to see how they were coming along.  I expect they got tired of seeing me.  it was finished on the 10th of May.  What a lovely kitchen it was.  It had three windows and another door.  How lucky we were to have such friends to help us like they did.  How small my table and chairs looked in my new kitchen but I didn’t mind that.  You won’t believe how grateful I was to have such a nice kitchen.  I wish I had pictures of the house when we first moved in so you could appreciate the difference my new kitchen made.  I no long felt that I was walking into a box.

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