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Subject: Quick Trip to Woman River Camp  
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Quick Trip to Woman River Camp

Bro in law Norm and I booked a quick 4-dayer to  Woman River Camp- thanks Moss and Debbie for being so flexible with us.  Walleye was hit and miss, we usually picked up one or two at each place, largest 21 1/2".  Pike were slow, settled for a 30" to take the trophy this trip.  Smallies, however, were unbelievable.  We spent our last day fishing exclusively for smallmouth.  They are a blast, so strong and aggressive.  We had a ball.  Biggest one of dozens was 19".  I would recommend Woman River Camp. Hosts Paul and Debbie are so accommodating.  Unlike some camps, they don't nickel and dime you, charging extra for every little thing and almost everything is included (except the dancing girls that were supposed to clean our fish).  What they say it will cost is what it costs, or less if you spend some time on their website.  The Woman River system is huge, but loaded if you know where to go (Paul is very good at identifying fishing spots).  Many portages included in the price.  Cabins are comfortable with all the amenities.  Mosquitoes this year provided extra protein almost every time we inhaled.  Thank God for Max Deet.  Oh Canada, endure the winter as we look forward to our spring trip!

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