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Subject: Woman River Camp fishing report  
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Woman River Camp fishing report

Our water level on the system is down compared to the past couple of years.  As a result we have closed Rosen Lake to our camp boats.  Mother Nature has sure given us lots of sunshine this year with just enough rain to keep the grass green and fire restrictions low.  Weed growth in the water is at an all time high.  The fish are loving it and so are the moose!

Walleye fishing lately has been spectacular!  The fish have moved to their summer haunts and my guess is the summer peak period is upon us.  We are catching some amazing fish on reefs, points and inside curves.  All classic Walleye structure with rocks involved.  The bait of choice the past couple of weeks will have to go to leeches with nightcrawlers next and minnows rounding out the live bait.  Scented plastics like Gulp have also been rewarding anglers.  

The best technique on presenting the live baits would be a version of the Lindy Rig.  A sliding weight, barrel swivel, bead and either a plain hook, spinner or floating jig head.  The length of line to the weight varies but 4 ft. is a good place to start.  Colours vary but chartreuse, blue, and silver have been working well.  Fish are hanging out in the 12-18 ft. range.

Lake Trout fishing has been sporadic this summer.  Fishermen using downriggers have done the best to date.  They are catching them anywhere from 40 ft. to the bottom.  To many fishermen's disbelief, the best colour has been red/white.  For those without downriggers, jig the bottom and then crank it up fast.  Have your drag set just right!

Small Mouth Bass  fishing has been good this year.  Really nice fish in the 17-19 inch range have been caught.  Working the shoreline on Little Woman with spinnerbaits, tube jigs and beetlespins have been catching.  This is where the scented plastics have really helped too.

Northern Pike fishing has been terrific this year.  Lot's of 30 inch plus fish as well as many 40 inchers.  The big brutes have been caught on jigs and spinners while Walleye fishing.  When targeting them specifically, fish the cabbage weeds, points and drop offs.  Best baits have been dead bait, spinnerbaits, and bucktail spinners.  Remember to have a back up offerring like a plain lead head jig with a dead minnow, on a different rod to drop in for those follow ups.  Pike are opportunistic and can't resist an easy meal regardless of size.

Essential Equipment  During this time of year, I seem to be lost without a couple key pieces of equipment.  First would be a marker buoy.  A cheap investment to keep you on fish.  A must for fishing offshore structure.  Thanks to my years on the Woman River System, I can pretty much boat right up to submerged structure but to fish it properly one or two markers really make it easier.  The other piece of equipment is the fish locator.  A little more of an investment but a wise one.  Instead of filling the tackle box with lures, invest the money in a locator and catch fish with the tackle you already own.  To find offshore structure, drop offs or suspended fish on unfamiliar waters, they are great.

Remember - keep your line tight and go barbless!

Hope to see you on the water.

7-17-2006 09:56#1
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Guest 69.19.14.x

Trophy Northern Pike

What are the chances of catching a trophy Northern on the Woman River?  We have been fishing in Canada for a number of years and never seem to find the big one.
7-25-2006 16:00#2
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Guest 216.211.86.x

Depends on the Day and How lucky you feel

From experience I'd say your chances on the Woman Lake Chain are above average....just depends. Some folks fish their whole lives and never catch the "big one" some go out for an hour fishin' with bacon rind (remember that??) and catch a 40"er. Actually it is usually their wife who does to add insult to injury

Really, I recommend you try a trip with Paul and Anne at Woman River Camp ... they are great folks!!

7-25-2006 22:28#3
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