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Subject: The Last Resort - Introduction  
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The Last Resort - Introduction

The Last Resort - Introduction

As a young child I used to sit in the dining room while Mum told stories to the Americans about her life here in Canada.  Even though I heard the stories more than once, I always enjoyed them and wanted to have a record for my children and grandchildren.

A few years ago, I gave Mum a blank book and told her to start writing.  She didn’t know where to start but as you an see, she had a hard time stopping!
I told her not to include everything in this first edition but to save a few of the best for the sequel.

For all of you who know her, you can picture her in your mind telling these stories with that English accent that she has never lost. The typewriter that I used couldn’t do English accents so I just did it the normal way.  Hope that’s alright.
Many people requested that Mum write a book because she has had such an unusual life.  It’s not everyone that could’ve adjusted to living in such a primitive environment after coming from the heart of London, England.

I have a great respect for both my mother and my father and I know that my sister and brothers will agree that we are indeed fortunate to have such an upbringing.

Wine lake will always be special to us.  I could never understand why people would go twelve hundred miles to go to Wine Lake but now I, myself travel that distance and now I understand why.

Thanks Mum from all of us!
Susan Darlington (‘89)

Copies of The Last Resort can only be purchased from Sleepy Dog Cabins
An online version is also available at
3-7-2007 17:08#1
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