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Subject: The Last Resort - Chapter 02  
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The Last Resort - Chapter 02

Well, Arthur wrote to me and like a dumb cluck, I answered his letters.  How was I to know that he would be stationed in London again? No little bells went off in my head to tell me he was the dark stranger in my future.  I suppose it would be an understatement if I said I was surprised to see Arthur again.  I was absolutely dumbfounded when the doorbell and and there was Arthur standing there.  He had only been away six weeks.  I expect he could see that I was shocked at seeing him.   He hadn't mentioned in his letters that he was coming to London.

He said he would phone back later, which he did.  I said I would meet him in Hyde Park the next afternoon.

The weather was getting cooler now so we didn’t sit too long in the Park. Arthur suggested that we take the children to Marble Arch and have tea there.  The children liked that and they also liked Arthur because he would play with them.  We continued meeting for tea in the afternoon and then we’d go to the pictures in the evening.  After the pictures we would go into a pub.  I didn’t drink but Arthur liked to have a beer.  There was always lots of entertainment in a pub and more so now that London was swarming with soldiers.

One day Arthur told me that he would soon be sent back to Canada and would I go and wash dishes for him? I looked at him thinking that he was joking but he was quite serious.  Well, I had no intentions of washing dishes for him or anyone else.  I had a very good easy job and a beautiful employer.  I loved London.  The hustle and bustle of a big city was music to my ears.  I was so happy and I loved England so much.  Wild horses wouldn’t have dragged me away.  Then whatever was it that made me say “yes”?  To this day, I’ll never know.  I certainly  didn’t pay any heed to the gypsy’s warning.  I never even thought about it.  Arthur waster no time in getting all the necessary papers for me to sign.  I had no idea that there was so much paperwork involved in getting into Canada.  I had to have a health certificate from the Canadian doctor and one from my doctor; a character reference from my clergyman; one from my doctor and one from our M.P. I had to have all kinds of tests and I was getting pretty well fed-up with all this fuss so when Arthur phoned up to say he had more papers for me to sign, I said: “For goodness sake, let’s call the whole thing off.” With that, I slammed down the receiver.  I should have known that when the doorbell rang, it would be Arthur.  After a lot of arguments, I filled in the forms and Arthur took off with them before I changed my mind.

The next few weeks were hectic.  I hadn’t taken Arthur home to meet my parents so I thought I had better do that.  What better time than Christmas, when the family would be altogether?

I am glad to say my parents liked Arthur as did the rest of the family.  I don’t think I would have married Arthur if my Dad hadn’t liked him as he was a very good judge of character.  Mind you, I had spent many hours wondering if I was doing the right thing.  Leaving my parents, friends, my beautiful country -- it was a hard decision to make.  I expect a lot of other war brides had the same kind of feelings.  When we got back to London, I had a Padre come to visit me and explain how different Canada was to England.  Had I really made up my mind to go to Canada? I told him that I had already signed all the papers, and he said that they would be canceled.  He told me to think about it.  Well, I did think about it but how could I go back on my word?

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