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Subject: Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/7 to 6/14 2008 Part 2  
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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/7 to 6/14 2008 Part 2

Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report Part 2 6/7 to 6/14 2008

Hello from Fireside Lodge in beautiful Northwest, Ontario, Canada. Weather was the head topic again, as it was another very cool and rainy week. If you saw some of the fishers coming off the water you might be mistaken that they were fishing in very late fall. These temps along with a lot of cold rain and wind created some tough fishing conditions.

Ed Bromeier from Westlake, Ohio was fishing at Fireside Lodge for his first time. I believe Ed also experienced the “Fireside Lodge Magic” on his first visit with us. Ed was here to fish but also, and more importantly, to have some personal time alone, and meet some new friends. During his stay he accomplished all three. He made new friends, especially Richard and Frieda from Tennessee (above) and Jack and Doirie from Indiana (below). Ed also did well catching fish, as he caught just about all there was to catch. He caught Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Muskie, Lake Trout, and a Perch. There were three highlights in his catches, one being catching an unexpected HUGE Lake Trout, The second was learning to Smallmouth Bass fish with a jigging technique, which was very successful as he landed a number of good Smallmouth Bass including a 17.5 inch monster. Third happened when while fishing for Smallmouth Bass with 8lb test and light / medium gear he hooked and landed his first, second, and third Muskie ever in his lifetime. Ed was very excited about his accomplishment. Ed left Fireside Lodge accomplishing exactly what he set out to do, and said he was a refreshed man, hopefully with the ability to slowly move forward and make progress toward his future. We thank Ed for choosing Fireside Lodge to help find a new beginning. Ed mentioned he might return in August with a few other family members.

Father and son Tom and Joel Nayder from Orland Park and Chicago, IL with sister/aunt Leah Bezin from Berwyn, IL were back fishing at Fireside Lodge for their tenth consecutive year. Day of arrival, within just a few hours, Tom caught 3 Northern Pike and 8 Smallmouth, Leah had 2 pike and 4 Smallmouth on the Fly Rod, and Joel caught 1 Pike. First full day they caught a few Northern Pike and Smallmouth and weather was definitely a factor being cold, rainy, and windy. Second day the weather did not change much but they did well with Tom catching 14 Smallmouth Bass, Joel having the hot had catching a lot of Smallmouth and some Larger Northern Pike, and he set the pace landing a GIANT 19 inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass. One more of many Master Anglers Awards over the years, Joel’s success is his persistent use of a not so secret lure. Sorry I promised not to tell. The next day they also caught a lot of Smallmouth Bass, some Northern Pike, and while spending some time at our beautiful Twin Falls area they broke out the rods at the bottom of the falls and ended up catching some Lake Trout, which was a first for this group. Leah, the MUSKIE QUEEN proved to be the LAKER QUEEN as she caught the largest Lake Trout. Tom also caught a Master Anglers Award Smallmouth right at 18 inches, guess who measured the fish, (just kidding Tom) and Joel also landed one at 18 inches. Despite them looking like they were fishing in the Artic waters they did well the whole week, and had a ball. Leah and Tom also did a Sister / Brother entertainment session in the lodge. They brought their guitars with them, and Leah is a professional in a band, and Tom is a good armature guitar player and singer. For the first time ever in 19 years we had live entertainment at Fireside Lodge. They played some good old fashion songs and it made Audrey and I feel like they were taking us back in years gone by at Fireside Lodge. Thanks very much. During their stay and as they left they were already discussing plans for a bigger group in 2009. Hopefully they will bring their guitars again.

Paul and Martha Weaver from IN were back to Fireside Lodge for their fourth visit and this time with their two grandchildren James (JP) and Matthew. On the day of arrival, for a few hours before supper, Paul caught a HUGE 38 inch Northern Pike, a 16-inch Smallmouth, Martha caught a Smallmouth, and JP caught a 29-inch Northern Pike. Great start. Their first day the fish were not jumping in the boat as the weather was not that great, but they managed to catch fish with Matt catching some Smallmouth and Paul landing a nice Muskie. For Matt everything was a first as it was his first Canadian Fishing Adventure. Next day they did well catching a lot of Smallmouth and Matt caught a 34-inch Muskie, his first ever and quiet a fishing feat for a sixteen year old. All had big smiles on their faces at suppertime. These four were troopers as every day was windy, cold, and rainy but they fished all day and most evenings. Their final day they finished with a bang as they caught fish, including some bigger fish. Paul caught another Muskie, JP on his very first cast of the day caught a HUGE 40 inch Muskie, Matt caught his largest ever Smallmouth at 17.5 inches, and Martha caught an over 30 inch Northern Pike. Great finish to a great trip for this family. They had a great time playing games in the cabin at night, Monopoly being the feature game, and made wonderful family memories together. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to spend your precious family time together.

Jack and Dorie Hires from Valparasio, IN returned to Fireside Lodge for their fifth trip and Jack’s sixth time. They had a wonderful time being on the water, fishing and seeing what the great wilderness of Northwest Ontario has to offer, and meeting and conversing with other guests. Jack and Dorie are very sociable, and catching up with new and past friends of Fireside Lodge. Dorie does not fish but spends time, while Jack is fishing, reading, enjoying the nature surrounding them on and off the water, and helping Jack net and photograph fish when caught. In fact Dorie took great photos, sequenced, while Jack was catching a BIG over 40-inch Muskie. I believe this was Jacks’ largest ever, but I never actually asked. They also had the rough weather, as it was windy, cold, and rainy during their entire day. In fact one day they never went out, but enjoyed the day reading, looking out the big windows in our water front cabins, and they enjoyed a new addition at Fireside Lodge. We have recently put up Hummingbird Feeders at each cabin, and theirs was one of the first. They got Hummingbirds instantly and enjoyed watching them on their day off from fishing. Also Jack and Dorie enjoyed the entertainment provided by Leah and Tom (above) and Dorie was also part of the one and only kitchen tour with Audrey and Leah. There last day fishing, despite the persistent weather, the caught nine Smallmouth Bass and Dorie will surely be on the 2008 placemat. Upon leaving they were talking about their possible return in late August or early September.

Long time return guest Paul Letourneau along with second time guest Spencer Olson and first timer Link Wilson from North Oaks and Minneapolis, MN. were at Fireside Lodge to have a fun fishing trip and they accomplished their goal. These three had four days of great fun and fishing. Here for four days they caught fish despite the weather. Mostly after Northern Pike they did catch fish each day with some being more active than others. For Link it was his first Canadian Fishing Adventure and he expressed his excitement at the supper table when they got into a bunch of big fish that just followed the lures. Link sure had the correct attitude as he said the fish were there, gave them the opportunity, and they just could not catch them. The next day they were rewarded as they converted some of those follows into landed Northern Pike, and after supper got into a surface bite. There is nothing like surface action. The highlight day for Paul, Spencer, and Link was when they caught 60 Northern Pike. Talk about fast action and fun, and Link’s explanation of his superman act as he pushed the boat into the water was hilarious, and had us all laughing in the dinning room. Only Link deserves telling this story. All left having a great time at Fireside Lodge and hope to return in 2009.

Make sure to go to our website listed below to see the 2008 Photos

Hot Lures of The Week: #5 & #7 Shad Rap, #3 Blue Fox Spinner, plastic tubes and twister tail, crayfish fly, steamer fly, wooly bugger, #5 Mepps spinner

Catches of the Week: 19.5 inch Smallmouth Bass, 32 inch Lake Trout, 38 inch Northern Pike, 40 inch Muskie, and three people catching 60 Northern Pike in one day

To read about the current happenings at Fireside Lodge go to our Current Happenings Page or to get the inside scoop at Fireside Lodge go to Fireside Lodge Insider.

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan
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