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Subject: Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/7 to 6/14 2008 Part 1  
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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/7 to 6/14 2008 Part 1

Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 6/7 to 6/14 2008

Hello from Fireside Lodge in beautiful Northwest, Ontario, Canada. Weather was the head topic again, as it was another very cool and rainy week. If you saw some of the fishers coming off the water you might be mistaken that they were fishing in very late fall. These temps along with a lot of cold rain and wind created some tough fishing conditions.

Bill Goodwin from Wilmington, Delaware returned to Fireside Lodge for his fifth consecutive year, Mike Dittoe from Rockwall, TX. for his second year in a row, and Mel Harper from Petersburg, VA was at Fireside Lodge for his first Canadian Wilderness Fishing Adventure. They come to Fireside Lodge to enjoy our fabulous Smallmouth Bass fishery. The weather sea sawed for their six days of fishing, and despite getting 3 very rainy, windy weather involving two cold fronts, they did catch a lot of fish on the three days that were more accommodating. If you don’t think weather matters look at these results. On the three days of cold, and rainy weather they caught a total of 19 Smallmouth Bass, 2 Northern Pike, 1 Lake Trout, and 1 Whitefish. The other three days had them catching 30 Smallmouth Bass and 2 over 30 inch Pike, with Bill landing an 18 Inch Master Anglers Smallmouth Bass, 56 Smallmouth Bass, one 33 inch Pike and Mike caught a Huge 19 Inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth, and 47 Smallmouth Bass, one Whitefish, one Pike and Mike came up with another GIANT Master Anglers Award Smallmouth, the biggest of the trip, being a 19.5 incher. They attributed their success to one lure and most importantly it’s presentation. It was a # 5 or 7 Sliver Shad Rap fish as slow as possible with a stop and go action. Bill, had another technique, not recommended for most, which was carefully (RIGHT) casting his Rapala over a tree limb, then letting it dangle ticking the waters surface. Bill did this twice and caught a good size Smallmouth both times, mostly because of Mike’s creative netting technique. This was Mel’s first trip to Canada and he had an absolute blast not only catching fish, but experiencing the sport he loves in a unmatched Wilderness Atmosphere which is becoming harder and harder to find. All intend on returning in 2008.

Mark and John Grundwald from Wyandotte and Romulus, MI and Zygmund and Gene Gorka from Southgate, Mi and Seabrook, TX were all fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time. It was the Grundwald brothers that started off with a bang the first day catching 14 Northern Pike and loosing 8 others. Gene and Ziggy did not have the same action and visited the tackle shop after supper for some advise and select lures. These four had a fabulous stay at Fireside Lodge catching Northern Pike and a few Smallmouth Bass. Mark caught his biggest Northern Pike ever measuring 36 inches and brother John was close second with a big fat 34 inch Northern Pike. Mark also had a big fish bonus as he accidentally hooked and landed a HUGE 32 inch Lake Trout. That tells you how cold the water is as this cold water species is usually living in the deeper depths at this time of year. Ziggy and Gene knew how to kick back and enjoy their time as they took several days to stay back, enjoy the surrounding and have brother bonding time. Wind, cold, and rain were all factors in this weeks fishing but Mark and John still left having their best fishing trip ever catching many Northern Pike. All had loads of fun and were very sad to leave. Because of John having a commitment for 2009, Mark said they would certainly be back in 2010.

Good Friends Joe Denise from Palos Heights, IL and Bob Nelson from Elmwood Park, NJ returned to fish at Fireside Lodge for their 11th consecutive year. They were able to manage three very good fishing days out of six. One of these days they really got into Smallmouth Bass catching many fish in the 15 to 17 inch range and Joe came up with a Master Anglers Award Smallmouth at 18 inches. This day they started fishing for Northern Pike, but the Smallmouth turned on and were hitting surface plugs, which is right up Bob’s alley. Joe caught most of his on his favorite plastic jigging technique. Another day they did catch a lot of Northern Pike with a few Smallies mixed in the bag. After a few tough days they had another great Smallmouth day catching a lot of nice solid fish, and Joe managed another 18 inch Master Anglers Smallmouth. Bob was a little skeptical as Joe was doing the measuring, but he gave Joe the benefit of the doubt. Their last day was cold and very windy which pushed them off he lake early, which seldom, of ever happens. Both had a ball and were discussing there return date for 2009.

Father and son Jim and Bryan O’Toole from Mokena, IL were back fishing at Fireside Lodge for their sixth year. Here for their normal 4 days visit they made the most of their time fishing and relaxing. Jim’s tradition when he arrives is not to be in a rush, and have a beer and good cigar at the end of the dock. After that they rested from the drive, had supper, then went fishing. Sounds GREAT doesn’t it? Jim and Bryan had the toughest weather to fish in since they have been coming to Fireside Lodge. Every day was cold and rainy except their day of arrival. But with their positive attitude and perseverance they did very well catching both Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass. Bryan seemed to have the hot hand on a few days, and Jim caught the exotic landing several good size Lake Trout, which shows that the water temperatures are still cold for this time of year. Both had a great stay and are already looking forward to their return.

Richard and Frieda Klose from Sevierville, TN were at Fireside Lodge for their first visit. Richard and Frieda ended up at Fireside Lodge because of this fishing report. After reading the Fireside Lodge fishing reports over time Richard had doubts about it’s accuracy in fish catch reporting, so he decided to randomly call several people mentioned in a few of the past reports. After the accuracy was confirmed by these previous guests Richard made reservations. Even though the fishing for Richard and Frieda was not like some of the examples he read about, they had a great time. Fish catching success is built on a many factors, lure, location, presentation, weather, wind, boat handling, time periods, familiarity with the lake system. ect. Richard a Frieda had loads of fun fishing and catching a few fish, and one day made contact with many larger Northern Pike, however they were not very cooperative as the followed their lures. but just would not hit. That’s fishing and a good reason why it’s not called catching. Well, Richard did get what he came for, which was a GIANT catch, however the fish species was a surprise. Tying hard for a big Pike Richard tied into a big one, however it was a HUGE mid 34-inch Lake Trout. Definitely not the expected, but the smile on Richard’s face was no less for it. Richard and Frieda also made a new friend while at Fireside Lodge, and actually visited in their cabin one evening with Ed (below) from Westlake, Ohio. This happens often at Fireside Lodge. Audrey and I always refer to it as the “Fireside Lodge Magic”. For those who have visited Fireside Lodge you will probably know what we mean. Richard and Frieda had such a wonderful stay they assured us they would return again, and most likely next year.

Make sure to go to our website listed below to see the 2008 Photos

Hot Lures of The Week: #5 & #7 Shad Rap, #3 Blue Fox Spinner, plastic tubes and twister tail, crayfish fly, steamer fly, wooly bugger, #5 Mepps spinner

Catches of the Week: 19.5 inch Smallmouth Bass, 32 inch Lake Trout, 38 inch Northern Pike, 40 inch Muskie, and three people catching 60 Northern Pike in one day

To read about the current happenings at Fireside Lodge go to our Current Happenings Page or to get the inside scoop at Fireside Lodge go to Fireside Lodge Insider.

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan
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