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Subject: Fishing on Eagle Lake  
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Fishing on Eagle Lake

Just wanted to let everyone know that the fishing on Eagle Lake is probably at its peak level with great numbers of walleye and northern caught in the 2008 season.  Last year's big walleye out of Bear Trail Lodge was 32 1/2".  With such a wide variety of sizes caught, this just goes to prove that the slot sizes are paying great dividends to the fishing on Eagle Lake.

The smallmouth fishing on Eagle Lake is also something to experience, as well.  We are catching great numbers of 18-20" fish with the largest last year being 23 1/2" and weighing in over 6 3/4 lbs.  If you have never experienced the smallmouth fishery on Eagle Lake, check out some of the pics on our website to prove just how well we are doing in the quality category.

Many of you also joined in the "50+ incher Muskie Club" with our largest being 53 1/2", caught in the Fall.  

Thanks to our 2008 season guests and all that keep coming back.

Casey & Chanda
Bear Trail Lodge

Bear Trail
2-17-2009 20:52#1
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Hey there,

I noticed your recent review of Eagle Lake here on the forum, and it's given me a good idea of what I can expect when I go on my fishing trip there later in the month.thanks! : )

I was actually wondering is if you might be able to give me a couple of suggestions as to  as to some specific lures that work well for small mouth fishing as well as a couple for pike/muskie.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
6-9-2009 13:52#2
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