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dbmoss12-19-2008 01:20
mattice outposts

Hey anyone ,
Looking for someone who has fished any of the mattice outpost lakes? If you can share any info you can also e mail me at [email][/email]. looking forward to hearing from you.
Dave Moss

MrMuskie8-14-2009 14:21
Hey, this is probably a little late, but I did want to mention, that my cousin works for Mattice Lake Outpost, and I have done some angling on a few of their lakes, when I've gone to visit him.

I've angled Vick, Weese, and Pringle. All three lakes were INCREDIBLE!
In fact, my only real "complaint" would be that you catch fish almost too fast!
You never have a chance to relax, because you are always smack dab in the middle of a fight with a monster-sized fish!

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