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TheFishReporter7-18-2008 16:45
Ignace Outposts Ltd.

Amazing fishing is what's happening at Ignace Outposts Ltd! The walleye are biting, the northern are biting, and the small mouth bass and lake trout are too! The walleye and northern are biting all day. The small mouth have just finished spawning and are being found when its sunny out. The walleye are biting on jigs and twister tails while the northern are biting on spoons, Rapalas, Cleos and five of diamonds. The small mouth are biting on Shad Raps and jigs with long twister tails while the lake trout prefer hammered silver or copper spoons.  The fishermen are also catching them by fly fishing near the surface. The small mouth are found in 5 ft or less of water but the walleye are hanging out in 3 to 17 ft of water. The lake trout are found in 15 to 20 ft of water and the northern can be found at every depth. The best locations to find the lake trout are in deeper parts of the lake coming up to shallow. You’ll find the northern on the edge of weed bays and drop offs, the small mouth on rocky shore lines and the walleye  off points and reefs. The big fish caught this week were some 19” & two 20” small mouth, some 22” lake trout,  some 28” to 30” walleye and some 42” to 44” northern!! For AMAZING fishing, check out Ignace Outposts Ltd. at [url]!!!!:D[/url]

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