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TheFishReporter6-19-2008 15:52
Austin's Wilderness Lodge

For GREAT fishing, you want to go to Austin’s Wilderness Lodge on Pashkokogan Lake! The walleye are biting in the morning through to late afternoon and the northerns are biting all day.  You can catch  the walleye with color twisters, leeches, minnows, and jigs in 8 to 10 ft of rocky beds or reefs. And the northern  are biting anything in 3 to 6ft of weeds or flats and even shallower! This week there was a 26 inch Walleye and a 38 inch Northern.  I talked to Robert and he said that since the regulations were made in the past that the average size fish is getting bigger every year.  Some guests say that when they go fishing they barely bring any fish back because they have to release so many big ones!!! For great fishing, check out Austin’s Wlderness Lodge!:D

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