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smitty6-6-2006 21:31
Is anybody out there?

WTF is the deal with this site? It should be getting hammered, but there are no posts here.   
I think some advertising is needed, most guys haven't heard of this site.   
I would think that this site would have tons of posts, guys love talking Canadian fishing.   
Let's get going

7-12-2006 13:31
I agree!

I'm looking for a map of the Albany River, but have yet to find one...
I have family out there, somewhere in a canoe, and would like to be able to follow their route via a map...

7-12-2006 16:00

Do a web search for ontario maps. You will find a site that breaks down ontario by regions. Then you can follow the Albany but you will need zoom in on the map to get detailed results. Hope this helps.

7-12-2006 16:03

I just found it. It is called "the official road map of Ontario"

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