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jerkbait6-8-2007 19:16
Water Level Lac Suel

Does anyone know if the water levels have come up, I was up this spring and water was way down....we are coming up this summer and wanted to know how much it has come up with all the rain in NW Ontario...


Bighemiboy10-14-2007 00:23
How low is the water level at Lac Seul? We are planning a trip up there next year and don't want any major suprises!



jerkbait10-19-2007 16:42

Water levels can fluctuate depending on rain and how much water they let out....can vary from year to year.  The water level was normal by the time we got there this summer.

Mikey11-10-2007 23:55
Water Levels

I would assume Lac Seul is at a very high level as it goes to bed for the winter. We have had a great deal of rain this fall and pretty well all the lakes are at or near their highest levels.

JAYHAWK14411-13-2007 23:45
Lac Seul lake level

Does anyone know if there is a site to obtain current lake
levels for lac seul? I am up every year at end of May. This  year it was down at least 6-8 feet maybe more.

jerkbait11-15-2007 21:22

Here is a site, kind of hard to read the data...

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