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muskiemamma2-25-2014 23:00
Moosehorn Lodge Winter News

2014 looks to be a high water year which makes fishing opportunities here that much more. Summer dates are close to full; get your spot for the fishing trip of a lifetime now!

CoolHandLuke5-27-2014 20:13
The water certainly is high this year, isn't it!

fisherlady7-31-2014 19:05
Yes very high Luke! Seems to have dropped over the summer though.

MuddyWater8-1-2014 18:34
Yes fisherlady, I agree. The water levels are much better now!

CaptainHook8-6-2014 16:38
I have really been enjoying the water today!

crazy4fishin8-8-2014 20:23
Yes its been great :) Lac Seul is nice for swimming

BigBadBob8-11-2014 19:46
I went out this weekend and had a great time!

fisherlady8-12-2014 16:47
Great to hear!! Yes Lac Seul is great

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