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Mikey6-6-2006 20:41
Fishing in the Route Bay Area??

Anyone out there know what walleye fishing is like in the Route Bay area of Lac Seul in June

6-6-2006 20:41
Fishin Walleyes there can be good and can be spotty. Timing is everything. All reports that are consistently good is when you get towards the Vaughn lake area of Lac seul. If your going to stay at the Silver Spinning Wheel - you are paying for a lot of restrictions. Nice people but way too much control over what, when and how.

6-6-2006 20:41
Went out with the family on opening weekend and despite the windy weather, the fishing was great. We'll be going back up soon.

tgeman6-6-2006 20:42
I really want to take my wife and kids to the Vaughn Lake area for the first week of August---but no nothing about that area. Benn in Ignace and Thuder bay are for the past 15 years. I am looking for conssitent action, they don't have to be big--but I don't want to have to drive 20 miles on the water with my children to find walleyes and Northerens. ALso---what is the discussions regarding the restrictions?


6-19-2006 16:44
Vaughn Lake

Hi Terry,

Vaughn Lake is a real treat. Haven't fished there for about 5-6 years but all reports are that it is still excellent with a capital E. There are a couple of outposts on the lake Silver Waterwheel and Ontario North Ouptosts. It is also easily accessable from Makwa Lodge on Vaughn Bay of Lac Seul. There is also a new outfit called Lac Seul Adventures that has a cabin in the area. Vaugn has the same length restrictions as Lac Seul and is catch and kill ie no live wells or stringers allowed. You decide at boatside if you are catching or releasing. There is no camping allowed any where within 1 Km of the shoreline oof Vaugn or Lac Seul. The walleye fishing is awsome!!! Looking for more general info on the area - regs border stuff etc. checkout [url][/url]


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