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wallydave5-11-2012 19:26
Opening Day for Walleye

How many early birds are going to Opening Day for this years walleye season? Our group will be in the waiting mode for another 34 days, 7 hours and 18 min. :)

MuddyWater6-20-2012 15:02
34 days, 7 hours and 18 minutes has recently passed - so you should be out there right now slaying those walleyes on Lac Seul :)

crazy4fishin7-5-2012 18:10
Our trip starts in 3 days!!! Can't wait.

MuddyWater8-7-2012 14:13
How was your trip crazy4fishin? I just finished mine, what a vacation. I seen a huge bull moose when I was up as well. Wish I could go hunting this year. Oh well, next years vacation!

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