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ILikePike5-9-2011 16:25
Walleye Opening Weekend

Opening weekend is less than 2 weeks away - can you believe it ? It's an exciting time and from speaking with a couple of camp owners up this way, the ice is leaving the lakes and should all be gone in the next couple of days. The camp owners are busy opening up camp and everyone should be ready to receive guests for May 21 - mark your calendar & get out and fish !!

ps - although my username is IlikePike, anyone who fishes Northwestern Ontario has to get excited about the opening of walleye weekend :P

TackleBox5-12-2011 14:46
Ice is OUT - Yeeaaah ! And ILikePike, you're right, walleye opener is almost just a week away, and the Walleye Fishing in this area of Northwestern Ontario is unbelievable. I'll be up on Savant Lake in June chasing them Huge Walleyes and probably a couple of Lake Trout too - just cause I can - He, He.

crazy4fishin5-20-2011 16:55
Good luck with the walleyes?

Do you have a good recipe for shore lunch batter?

BigBadBob5-24-2011 18:52
My wife is a recipe collector and is always searching the internet for new ones to add to her collection. Like she needs more! Not sure if there is one for a fish batter but she did find some interesting ones here - [url][/url]

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