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Subject: Peffley's Camp-May 30-June 6, 2009  
Peffley's Camp
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Peffley's Camp-May 30-June 6, 2009


Another fantastic week of fishing on Wabaskang for most guests in camp this week. After some colder weather (and resultant dip in water temps AGAIN), the sunshine returned to warm both the fishermen and the water to around 55 degrees in most areas. The walleye bite fluctuated some with the variable weather but overall it was a very strong consistent bite this week. Several new groups in camp this week most of whom did very well, albeit after a couple of days to "figure it out". In fact two groups from Northern Indiana had incredible weeks! The Palen group from South Bend (first time ever to Canada) caught a bunch of fish this week including James Palen Jr's 39" northern and his dad Jim senior's 27 1/2" walleye both caught within 10 minutes of camp. Ken Sherry's group of four from the South Bend area also had a great trip. Veteran's of many fly in trips out of Red Lake, these guys were very very favorably impressed with the camp and the QUALITY of fishing here on Wabby. Jon Earll and his dad Dave, from the Madison area also had a great experience to camp and caught a lot of fish.

The walleye bite remained best on jig/minnow combos, although slip bobbering was very effective for some guys this week too. Some spinners took fish also as well as cranks, but the most consistent bite was on jig/minnow combos fished in around 10 fow. Our evening hotspot was absolutely SMOKIN' this week as boats were coming into camp reporting 20-50 fish per boat in just a couple of hours. Overall, the size of the walleye again this week was very impressive with lot's of guys releasing many fish caught close to camp over 20" including many 22, 24, 26 and Jim Palen's 27 1/2" walleye.

Northern Pike

As good as the walleye fishing was this week, I think I still have to give the nod to the best fishing to the pike. Unbelievable action this week reported from guests on these toothy eating machines!  I should have know it was gonna be a good week when within about an hour of arriving in camp on Saturday, Ryan Paruch caught a 12 pound northern while fishing from "Welcome Rock" right here in camp. Not a bad way to kick off your 2009 trip! According to the guests this week, "you can't find a spot on this lake, where you can't catch northern". Although not all "trophy" fish, there were a lot of very healthy, fat just under slot fish in the 25-27.5 inch range caught for eating. In addition, a number of trophy fish over 30" were caught again this week including several in the 33-40" range including James Palen Jr's 39" northern and Eric Wroblewski's 40" northern. Ironically, the biggest fish this week were caught by walleye fishermen on jigs, bobbers etc.  

With the tremendous walleye and pike fishing this week, the smallmouth were given a much needed (after the pounding last week) rest. No one in camp really went out and targeted the smallies consistently this week, but several guys in camp did get a few fish ranging from 16-19" mostly on crankbaits and around the rock shelves we fish here on the north end of the lake

Still catching some lakers shallow this week with the unseasonably cool water temps near camp. In fact, Pete Paruch caught and released a very nice 31" laker this week as well as keeping a smaller laker to eat (which incidentally he shared with me after grilling it in camp, and it was fabulous!). Perch seemed to have scattered some this week, leading me to believe that most of them are now post-spawn, as guests this week were struggling to find them in numbers. The ones they were catching this week were as usual big jumbos.

For more information about the fishing and adventure opportunities available on Wabaskang Lake, please visit our website at

Dave Peffley
Peffley's Canadian Wilderness Camp
Phone: 807-222-3184
6-7-2009 05:05#1
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Your fishing reports are always very informative and helpful, keep up the good work!
6-9-2009 14:21#2
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