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Subject: Off to a great start at Peffley's Camp-Opening Week 2010  
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Off to a great start at Peffley's Camp-Opening Week 2010

Absolutely incredible weather for opening week. Highs almost all week in the mid to upper 70's, low 80's etc. with no rain. Water temps rising from 50 to 65 degrees or so during the week. Quite an improvement over the weather at almost any point last season!

So how did it affect the fishing? Not much to be honest. The walleye, northern and perch were all pretty hungry and guests cleaned up on them pretty good this week with almost everything caught in less than 12 fow, with much of the damage still done in 6-9 fow.

Walleyes were very aggressive taking blade baits, jigs/minnows and lindy rigs being trolled. Pike were their normal selves eating most everything thrown their way with cranks being the best. Perch were in smaller schools but our guests who bounced around a little did quite well on big ones. George and Jack took 83 of them home to Indiana with a requirement that none were under 10".

All in all, a great start to the 2010 season!

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Dave Peffley
Peffley's Canadian Wilderness Camp
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5-21-2010 17:24#1
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