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Subject: Fireside Lodge Fishing Report June 8th to June 15th 2019 Part 1  
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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report June 8th to June 15th 2019 Part 1

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report June 8th to June 15th 2019 Part 1

Even though we had 1.5 days of warmth this week was still hedging on the cooler than normal side with daytime highs below normal. This caused the Smallmouth Bass to hold off spawning on any part of the lake than was wind blown from the main lake deep water, but when you fished the places that did not the action was nothing less than fabulous.

Long time return guests Doug Kerr & Greg Stowe from Henrico, NC were thrilled to be back chasing Smallmouth Bass. 1st day fishing was terrific catching over 90 Smallmouth Bass, most 16-18.5-inches and Doug had the largest of the day, landing a 19-inch monster and he also had the most fish so Doug got the honors of being the first to wear the champ of the day shirt Doug makes for every trip. 2nd day they had another great day catching 84 Smallmouth Bass and Doug edged out Greg by two fish retaining his title. 3rd day was met with a severe weather change with the daytime high being 30 degrees less than day 2 with heavy rain and T-storms. Despite the conditions they still managed to catch 23 Nice Smallmouth Bass.

3rd day was a day of catching Northern Pike and for Greg it was about catching the biggest fish of his life as he hooked and landed a very large 40-inch Tiger Muskie. It was quite a fire drill as their net was too small and “The Fish Grip” that Greg purchased at my tackle shop the previous day came in handy in landing this Monster Tiger Musky. Their last two days they spent dividing time between Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass fishing even though their intent was to commit to Northern Pike fishing. Doug has an addiction of the best kind loving Smallmouth Bass fishing, so they would start out catching Pike and by afternoon switch to Smallmouth Bass. Doug had the honors of winning the right to were the award T-Shirt every day until their last when Greg beat him by one fish, and there was slight controversy over that. Both had a great stay with us and hope to be back in 2020.

First time guests Don Heagren from Litttleton, NC with Nephew Doug from Dalles, TX and good friends David Hicks from Annapolis, MD and Jan Snedeker from Bellville, PA were referred to us by Doug Kerr above. First day out this group did fabulous with Don and Doug catching 41 Smallmouth Bass all being big including several Master Anglers Award Trophies and Jan fishing with Dave caught over 30 Smallmouth with a couple of trophy size along with a half dozen Northern Pike. To top off a great day Dave and Jan broke out their fly rods and caught over 30 large Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing.

2nd day had Jan and David again catching many Smallmouth Bass on dark green twister tails. These four had another fabulous 3rd day fishing for new timers to Little Vermilion Lake catching many Smallmouth Bass and some Northern Pike. Many of the Smallmouth were large including trophy sizes, Doug having the top two catches of the day landing two HUGE Trophy Smallmouth Bass measuring 21 and 20.5 inches. WOW two lifetime catches in one day.

Next day was also very good with Jan and Don each catching trophy Smallmouth Bass 18 and 19-inches, Jan landed a 30-inch Northern Pike on lite Bass gear. On their last two days they continued to catch many Smallmouth Bass, mixing in some nice 30-inch plus Pike, and during their entire stay they each caught 5-6 trophy Smallmouth Bass ranging from 18 to 21 –inches. All had a fabulous stay making fishing memories and were already talking and planning about next time.

Ric Klingler from Lisbon, IA, Douglas Current from Melbourne, FL were glad to be returning for their 2nd time. First full day Ric and Doug did very well catching over 30 Smallmouth Bass over 17 inches, Ric with two trophies at 19.5 and 18.5 inches and Doug with 3 Trophy Smallmouth Bass at 19, and two 18-inch fish. 2nd day T-Storms, wind and heavy rain told the story. They stayed in most of the day but after the weather broke at 4 in the afternoon they caught 25 sizable Smallmouth Bass in 3 hours with Doug landing another 19 inch Trophy and Ric with an 18.5-inch trophy.

3rd day was another very good day catching at least 30 Smallmouth Bass all ranging on the large side 17-19-inches but the catch of the day and week was had by Doug. While fishing for Smallmouth Bass with a jig head dressed with a twister tail he encountered the fight of his life hooking into and landing a 48-inch Trophy Muskie. Great catch by Doug and great netting job by Ric using the fish cradle we supply for the first time. The netting process went very well, releasing this monster who swam away with vigor. 5th and final day they finished strong catching many Smallmouth Bass and upon departure Ric said he had the best fishing of his lifetime and he could not think of a reason why he would choose anywhere else to fish in Canada.

Jeff Chisholm from the Greater Toronto Area returned for his 5th time with sons Matt, Brian and grandson Ben. First day they spent catching some fish while taking a break at Twin Falls, which is a very scenic lunch spot on Little Vermilion Lake. Jeff being a pilot also enjoys flying a special drone taking some terrific pictures of the falls. All had a great family day. 2nd day was difficult weather conditions driving them off the water by mid morning with T-Storms, lighting, and heavy rain. After spending some time in their cabin they returned to the water to have great after storm Fly Fishing, catching Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike. Their third day was a planned half-day of fishing only as they had to travel home to meet commitments. Last half day they enjoyed catching some fish and soaking up the wilderness soon to be far removed from, but not before lifelong memories were made between three generations. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge for your special family vacation time.

Carl Quertermus from Villa Rica, GA a long time return guest of Fireside Lodge was back to fish Little Vermilion Lake which he has been doing since 1964. Carl loves long toothy critters and after a slower 1st day, being 86 and humid, and day two having severe weather with heavy rain and T-Storms coming with an sudden cold front by noon this seemed to get the Pike going catching 10 sizable Northern Pike and 2 Muskie in a short period of time. 3rd day was a very good day for Northern Pike and Muskie catching 5 Musky one small and 4 at 33,36,37, and 40 inches. WOW that’s Muskie fishing. 4th day brought a lot of follows and 18 Northern Pike landed. 5th day had him catching a lot of Smallmouth Bass along with 15+ Northern Pike 6th day was very windy so Carl concentrated on toothy critters catching 13 nice Northern Pike one Muskie and caught 7 Smallmouth Bass using 7-8-inch twitch baits and one of the Smallmouth was a very large 19.5-inch Trophy. 7th day Carl caught another 34-inch Muskie along with many Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass ending up his trip with two Master Anglers Award Trophy Smallmouth Bass. Upon departure Carl said he hopes to return in 2020 for his 56th consecutive fishing trip on Little Vermilion Lake.**

Make sure to go to our website below to see some GREAT Fish Photos. For Fabulous Fishing Video, Wildlife Events, and Current Happenings go to our Social Sites From Our Website Below.

Hot Lures: Suspending Twitch Baits, Blue Fox Spinner, Mepps Spinner, Ned Rig, Sinking Worm, Yo-Zuri Vibe, Twister Tail, Hair Jig

Hot Flies: Clouser Minnow, Popper, Streamer With Flash, Wooly Bugger

Catches of The Week: 48-inch Muskie, 40-inch Muskie, 40-inch Tiger Muskie, 81 Trophy Smallmouth Bass 18 to 21-inches

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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