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Subject: Wabaskang Lake Fishing Report- Week of June 24-July 1, 2006  
Peffley's Camp
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Wabaskang Lake Fishing Report- Week of June 24-July 1, 2006

Here is the Wabaskang Lake fishing report for the week ended July 1, 2006. For more information about Wabaskang Lake and the fishing opportunities on Wabaskang, please visit my website at


Week of June 24-July 1, 2006

Wow, what a week for BIG fish. Numbers were actually down just a little bit, but what was lacking in quantity was certainly made up for in quality. Many walleye over 25" this week and ALOT of 20-25" fish, again mostly fishing jigs (pink was good), although Lindy rigging was very effective too. Guests setting up just off the cabbage weeds took advantage of the pre-transition walleye and mixed in quite a few good "eaters" with alot of quality fish.
Both minnows and crawlers produced fish.

Some notable catches this week:

Ray Baumgartner- 32" walleye and four other walleyes between 27-31"
Mick Cermak- 29 1/2" walleye
Leon Arneson- 27" walleye
Ron Gibson- 26" walleye
Chuck Baumgartner- 26" walleye
Jim Krocak- 26" walleye
Ed Skubal- 28"walleye, 25" walleye, 22" walleye
Bill Skubal- 25" walleye, 23" walleye, 22" walleye
Christian Skubal- 20" walleye, 19" walleye
Shawn Buckman- 24" walleye, 23" walleye, 2-22" walleyes

Northern Pike[/b]

Week of June 24-July 1, 2006

Another very good week for good numbers of northern with a decent mix of bigger fish starting to set up more consistently on the weedbeds. Jigs, spinners and spoons accounted for most of the northern action again this week.

Notable catch and releases for the week:

Michael Ricks- 40" northern
Tim Rand- 40" northern
Shawn Buckman- 38" northern
Ken Pearce- 38" northern
Milissa York- 38" northern

Smallmouth Bass

As predicted, the smallmouth bite off the docks was impressive. The Krocak family and buddy Mick had alot of fun catching 15-20" smallies from the docks fishing nightcrawlers under slip bobbers. "Welcome Rock" produced some decent smallies too as well as the timber in the bay near camp. Gawley's Bay and "The Hotel" also produced some big smallmouth this week.

Dave Peffley
Peffley's Canadian Wilderness Camp
Phone: 807-222-3184
7-1-2006 18:38#1
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